Monday, July 13, 2009

Pursuit of a Bible

I was greeted in the parking lot this morning shortly after 8am by a women from the church seeking a Bible from the church. No brainer, right? Well I am new to the place less than 2 weeks. I have not unpacked my 25 boxes of books for the office and I do not know where things are in the church. No secretary for another hour and the woman needs/wants a Bible from the church. The church library is still in boxes... no help there. I looked in the chapel... sanitized of any small items that could be taken. Nothing. so I decided to give my packed boxes a look. Maybe, just maybe I had labeled well enough to find what I knew I had. Voila, I found a good condition of the the NLT and gave it to the woman with some Bible 101 teaching.

What makes a person think - I want to read the Bible or "I need to read the Bible" ? Holy Spirit? Something in the air? Another person? A change of heart or circumstance? Don't know, but I do know it can lead to great things. God, send more who are looking for a Bible to read and also a place and people to read it with.

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